Wise men and women are always learning, always listening for fresh insights

Proverbs 18:15The Message (MSG)

I remember my first job and how I knew nothing about working in a retail environment, however I had a zeal to learn. The manager was a colorful character with what seemed like sage type wisdom. He had a willingness to teach and expose me to what he had learned. If I had rejected his teaching and instruction, I probably would not have lasted long at that job, however I didn’t reject it, I embraced it. It was the opening up to knowledge and expressing my willingness to learn that encouraged him to not just share information related to work but also advice about life.

The bible says that you are wise if you are always putting yourself in a position to learn. Success in marriage is not about love but about knowledge and the application of it. Just as on my job, I needed instruction to do the job well, so it is with marriage. Also just like in the case of my job, when I opened myself to knowledge about the job, I also received wisdom that impacted my life. The life wisdom was the extra however it was the most useful and long lasting.

The bible is full of teachings on marriage and relationships, it is up to us to go after it and be receptive to change when we find it. Now that’s a Word.

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