Waiting on the Next Model


I have a very dear friend that told me once, “we are a product of an earlier model.” What I took that to mean was that we should always be looking to better ourselves and that because we started in one place we don’t have to remain there. Although you may bear a resemblance to the previous model, you can have features that set you apart.

One day while meditating on my wife and the life changes she had been making, I heard in my spirit, “I’m glad that I waited through all the previous versions, so that I could get to this one.” It may sound simple, but to me, sitting in the mist of so many failed marriages, I thought it profound. Anyone who has been married longer than a month could list reasons to leave. We live in a get it now, get rid of it when I am done, society. Sure, we could have let the current but temporary problem break up what is supposed to be a permanent relationship, but we choose a different path.

Over the years there have been many versions of me and my wife, some versions hanging around longer than others, however I would like to think each one better than its previous model. It is our responsibility to work on ourselves and not spend our time blaming the other for what they are not. Your foundation may be who you were but it doesn’t have to bind you to a melancholy existence.

To look at who my wife has become as a woman of God, mother, and life mate, I am in awe and at the same time anxious for what is to come. She has truly worked at becoming better inside and out and I am delighted that I waited around to see it. There used to be an old song that said “don’t make your move to soon.” I am so Glad that I didn’t.

Now That’s a Word!

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