The Longevity of the Epiphany

Longevity is the duration or life of something. Epiphany is the moment when you suddenly feel that you understand or suddenly become conscious of something that is very important to you.

How long does the epiphany last or how long before the revelation wears off and you return back to who you were?

We live in the information age and with all the information available to us, we still find it hard to change or embrace new ideas. What is the use of a “good word” if you are going to remain the same? The bible says that we through our tradition have made Gods word powerless. Because we are holding onto old ideas and paradigms, we continue to live less than the good life. Our relationships are hindered and the hand of God is stayed in our lives. Once you have received the word, you put yourself in a worse position if you don’t follow it.

It’s all well and fine to get a “good word” or have an epiphany, however the purpose of it is to change and furthermore to maintain that change. In dealing with relationships I have found that when we go to make a significant change, our partner is waiting to see how long it will last. How long will she stay on the diet? How long will he read his bible?

If there is ever to be longevity in the epiphany, we must start changing and continue to push that change daily. What I like to do is find that thing I know I should do and then I make it into a routine, such as speaking to someone I don’t like or exercising every day.  Whatever your epiphany is, hold on to it and make it change your life by letting it change you. Now That’s a Word!

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