The Loaded YES

As I have gotten older I have begun to realize the power of the word Yes. I have also realized the depth of the word. When we say yes to something we are also saying yes to its cousins and its friends. For example, if you say yes to supersize that burger and fries you are also saying yes to future health challenges and higher calories. Seldom do we see the future of our current decisions.

A class that should be taught at all institutions is “the effects of your YES”. In this class instructors would tell young ladies and young men about the consequences of their decisions. They would be taught that if you have premarital sex a baby or a STD is in your future. They would be taught that if you give in to the desires of the flesh; lust, greed, selfishness etc. you will hinder the fulfillment of your dreams. They will be taught that if you say YES to things without thinking about the end result, you will pay with your future.

In the adult class the message will remain the same but with some added info. They will be taught about how saying yes to relationships and people who are not in line with their purpose or destiny leads them to broken hearts and hope deferred. They will be instructed about the process of little “yeses” that will bring about things you did not know you had agreed to. They will be taught about how to show their children and future generations about how to guide their future by guiding their YES.

Oh Yes, YES is loaded and should be handled with care. Your future is not tomorrow, it is today. It is the next five minutes and the next five hours. It is in every decision we make. Life and Death is in the Power of the tongue, you choose. If you’re not sure what to say YES to, Choose Life. Now That’s A Word!

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