The Irony of the Marriage Tune-Up

I know that you’ve seen the two “commercials” that Steven and I have
posted on Facebook about the upcoming Marriage Tune-Up Workshops. . .
Well if you haven’t look them up. The funny thing is that when we were
presented with the idea of the Marriage Tune-up some months ago, we
had no idea that my vehicle would break down due to a lack of a
regularly scheduled tune-up.

I’m going to call it irony because it’s sure not funny. Most vehicles
are supposed to have regular oil changes every 3k miles, and to be
honest I can’t recall when I’d had the oil changed last. I started
noticing some changes in the handling of my vehicle, but I assured
myself that whatever was going on with it could wait until there was a
more opertune time to deal with the issue.

Unfortunately, that time came when Steve and I were in New York and our
oldest daughter Kristin borrowed the vehicle for a doctor’s appointment. Kristin called and said that all of the lights in the van
came on and were flashing. After checking all the doors
she proceeded to her doctor’s appointment only to be stranded in the
middle of nowhere with no mommy or daddy to rescue her. (“Yup, I’m
that way about my kids.”) Now let’s rewind back to the regularly
scheduled maintenance, now let’s consider the fact that we are
now out of towing costs, engine replacement costs, 3 months with one
vehicle (as of the publish of the article, I still don’t have my
vehicle) and oh yes CHILD endangerment, well she is 28 years old but
you get the point. All because I didn’t heed the recommended vehicle
maintenance schedule nor the warning signs and yes there were many.
How many warning signs, lights, sounds etc. are going off in your
marriage? None of the above, great how about joining us to share how
the heck you do that? Saturday, September 24 and October 22, from 9am
until 10:30am. Let’s make marriages better one individual at a time! Now That’s a Word

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