Reigning over Rubble

The first photo is of the Umayyad Mosque built between the 8th and 13th century, taken October 2012, the 2nd photo is the same Mosque taken December 2017.

World news media has focused its attention on Aleppo the largest city in Syria, and a war that started in 2012, the lives that this war has affected and the mass destruction of a once bustling city. This war was so destructive, that it is now known as the “mother of battles.” This battle was known for its violence against civilians often targeting hospitals and schools. It was quite common for aerial strikes and shelling to take place against civilians as well as rescue worker areas. What type of battle/war is this, where there are no rules, no restrictions, no boundaries?

Some people would rather destroy something rather than see it succeed no matter how long its existed. Sometimes “Being Right is Overrated,” there is a cost to being right especially in marriage. Winning against a team member loses it glory when we are both on the same team, working on common goals, walking on the same path. . . In truth, poor decision making or being “wrong” can often reflect the other spouse as well, since we two are becoming one flesh when one of us falls short then we both fall short. Let’s not point the finger, instead let’s call a cease fire and work toward building while there is still something worth fight for. Now That’s A Word!

Who wants to reign over rubble?

courtyard 1

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