Heal me or Take away the Symptoms

Do you want to be healed or just remove the symptoms?

I was reading an article this morning talking about the medical condition known as diabetes. It is a condition where the gland that produces insulin (a chemical produced by your body that aids in breaking down sugar) stops working. The interesting thing is that there is a medicine that they prescribe that mimics the insulin and masked the condition and its symptoms, but the medicine does not cure the disease. Even more interesting is that people still die while taking the medication. This means that the medicine covered the symptoms but did not reverse the damage. It also shows us that the medicine did not stop its progression.

Healing is a process and generally not an event. I believe in supernatural healing; however, I also believe that the beginning may be at the alter but the ending is in your home. If any facet of one’s life is to get better, we must attack the cause and not the symptoms. We may assign God the responsibility to heal us but he gives us the responsibility to maintain it. That maintenance doesn’t mean that we continue in bad behavior, now that we are healed, but that we change our actions to maintain and prosper the gift. Whether you need healing in your body or in your relationship, the process begins with what you are focused on. If we are focused on symptom removal that is what we get. If we are focused on true healing that is what we get. Symptom removal requires little or no real change in behavior. True healing is going to take true change.

It is a very rare occurrence that the symptom leaves before the healing, usually the symptoms leave as the healing is progressing. So be encouraged. It may not look good now but keep your focus on the cure and one day you will look up and see the cause and the symptoms are gone. Now That’s a Word!

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