Happy Wife, Happy Life? . . .

You’ve heard this saying before and most women would agree that this is true, however if you ask most men this same question you get a variety of responses . . . Not all pleasant.

The word “happy” is defined as a feeling or showing pleasure or contentment, the world’s view of happiness is solely based on happenings… If things are going well for you, then you feel happy and those feeling are usually passed on to others, but look out, if you’re not feeling happy those unhappy feelings are passed on as well.

God’s word declares that, “Happy are the people whose God is the Lord!” So quite frankly your happiness is not based on whether your wife is happy but based on whether you are a person whose God is the Lord! Being a “people of God” means to seek after Him and to know what He desires for our lives. God wants us to seek the welfare of others and to put their needs before our own. Can you imagine the saying going, Happy God, happy Life, . . “Happy Husband, Happy Life, . . Happy Children, Happy Life, . .? God’s happiness is a state of being not based on happenings. There will be times when situations and circumstances will come into our lives that tell us that we should not be happy. Children of God realize that these are simply tests and trials to strengthen us and to point us to the real source of our happiness, knowing that without Him all we have are happenings.

Let Christ be your “Happiness Gauge”, the scripture tells of many great examples of happiness in spite of happenings. Christ left His heavenly throne to save a people who could care less about Him, (without murmuring or complaining). Are you willing to sacrifice where you currently are, for people who don’t realize your value, for a greater good, and maintain your happiness while doing it? Only through God will you be able to.

Now That’s A Word!

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