Growth within and without

Recently the news reported the loss of one of the nation’s most unique trees. It was so large that you could drive a car through the center of the base. The tree for some unseen reason the tree collapsed. The tree was huge, and its lose will be notice by those frequently going to the forest
The size of the tree told you it had been there well over a hundred years however the growth rings found inside the tree confirmed it. See the age or maturity of the tree was judged from what was seen on the outside and the inside.
Many times we are married to people, we just wish would grow up. But we are many times looking for the appearance of growth, not genuine inner growth. We many times just want, what we believe to be immature actions to stop. The issue is, that real growth does not start on the outside or with the actions, they are only evidence that a change has taken place on the inside.
Have you ever noticed that many times weeds grow faster than the plant or flower you planted? So we must not be fooled by fast growth, sometimes that’s a sign that the roots are shallow and able to be pulled up easily. Real growth is first within, then without. In this new year let’s seek to be better inside, so that those around us, or on the outside, can reap the benefits of our inward change. Now That’s A Word!

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