First Things First

Yet I have this against you–that you no longer love Me as you did at first.

Loving your wife or husband is not an emotional act, it is an act of your will backed up with action. When you consider all the things we say we love, we can take a long list and whittle it down to a few things just by using a few criteria.

  1. Does the thing or person you love know it by your actions? My Pop would always tell me that if I wanted to know how to love my wife, just ask her, she will tell you. This may seem simplistic, however when you first enter any service establishment, the first thing they ask is “how can I help you?”
  2. Does the world around you know that you love this thing or person by your actions? I have a cousin who breaths sports. He is at the same time a Football, Baseball, and Hockey Fan. He quotes stats and knows the names of the players. He is a real fan. Do the people around you know that your spouse is number one in your life? Do they know by your conduct, when they are not around, that you honor and love them? I was in the steam room at the gym a few days ago, and heard a guy say that “I at least have to wait a year before I cheat on her”. Wow! I wonder if she knows that.
  3. Do you take care of it? We all know someone who is into something whether it is classic cars, motorcycles or any number of things. You can always tell their level of commitment to that thing or hobby by how they take care of it. If you are into cars, you take care of yours inside and out. You only put the best in it and on it. You see to it that it not only looks good to you but to those passing by. You feel a sense of pride anytime a compliment is said. You love this thing and you want everyone to know. Does your spouse or family know how much you love them, by how you care for them? I have heard caring defined as, addressing the need before it becomes one. Are we caring for those we say we love?

As we go through the weeks and months ahead, let us make sure that we truly love what we say we love and that the people and world around us know that we do.

Now That’s a Word!

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